Değirmendere (Kolophon)-Orhanlı

Distance: 43 km

Duration: 5.20 hours

Starting point elevation: 61 m

Highest point: 226 m

Difficulty level: 3
The route starts at the ancient Ionian city of Colophon, passes through the Menderes district center and ends in Orhanlı. The route that starts with asphalt village road in Değirmendere passes through the Menderes-Kuşadası highway and by the banks of Tahtalı Dam, finally reaches Menderes. The route continues towards the Orhanlı-Ürkmez village road after Menderes, passes Dereköy, Çatalca and Yeniköy, and ends in Orhanlı.
The route goes through the Tahtalı basin which is one of the most significant agricultural areas of İzmir. Apart from its green houses along the way, the Tahtalı Dam provides potable water to the city and offers its beauties. The Dereköy, Çatalca, Yeniköy and Orhanlı regions are covered with the forest, olive groves, vineyards and fruit groves. The surroundings of River Sandi Lake on the western side of Çatalca and Balabandere Lake at the northwest of Yeniköy are available for camping. The route connects to the EMY 14 in Değirmendere and the EMY12 in Orhanlı. There are many food and beverage spots along the route. Menderes, Özdere and Gaziemir offer various accommodation options. 

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