Ildırı/Karaburun Yol Ayrımı-Balıklıova

Distance: 88.3 km

Duration: 10 hours

Starting point elevation: 2 m

Highest point: 545 m

Difficulty level: 4
The route starts from the junction at the Ildırı-Karaburun-Balıklıova road, proceeding towards the western side of the Karaburun peninsula, passingover Akdağ through Karaburun, comes across the 7th stage in Balıklıova, passing over Mordoğan. The route that starts at the Ildırı-Karaburun-Balıklıova junction passes through Küçükbahçe and Yaylaköy. It reaches Karaburun, passing over Akdağ (Bozdağ) where the highest point of the peninsula is. The route follows through Saip, Ambarseki, Kösedere, and Eğlenhoca and finally reaches Karaburun and ends at Balıklıova. There are amazing stone houses in the villages, some of which are abandoned. Denizgiren which is attributed as a natural port is worth seeing. The local flower, narcissus, can be seen along the road in the winter. Geographically, water sources are not plenty so you should act accordingly.
Ambarseki: Şıh Ali Yalçıner, an actor, bought an old olive mill and restored it at the year 2000 and established the Kavimler Kapısı Art Atelier which has brought cultural tourism activities to the village during the summer. The 3K Kavimler Kapısı Art Association organizes movie screenings, theater performances and poetry readings in the summer. Turkish and foreign artists teach drama and dance to the children of the village and play games together. The atelier has a maximum of 20 bed (floor mattress) capacity where visitors cook and serve for themselves. The Kavimler Kapısı (Gate of Tribes) cherishes culture based on sharing and cooperates with the villagers in order to protect the ecological balance of the village.
Mordoğan: It is a holiday village at Gülbahçe bay named after 70 types of purple flowers of the area. It is also the mythological birth place of Narcissus. The port that hosts the Foça-Mordoğan passanger ships is located at the center; there is also a marina, a fishing port, and a public beach in the area which is a cheap and fresh fish paradise. Diving into the ice cold waters by Ardıç beach and Ayıbalığı reef are highly recommended. 

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