Distance: 11 km
Duration: 5 hours
Starting point elevation: 351 m
Highest point: 739 m
Endpoint elevation: 235 m
Difficulty level: 2
Starting point GPS: 37°56’32.09”N / 27°26’00.25”E
Peak point GPS: 37°55’11.81”N / 27°25’18.95”E
Endpoint GPS: 37°52’59.68”N / 27°22’56.64”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course: In order to get to Şirince, 78 km from Konak, by a private vehicle, follow the Konak – Gaziemir road and exit to the İzmir – Aydın highway. Turn to the Selçuk road at the Belevi intersection. About 16 km later to the south, you will reach Selçuk. If you choose public transportation, come to the Tepeköy station with the İZBAN train. Take the Torbalı bus, numbered 770 to Selçuk, from the transfer station here. If you choose to take the TCDD trains to Selçuk, take the Aydın train from the Basmane Station. You can get to Şirince from the town center by minibuses.
Structure of the course: Except for several in-forest pathways, the wide dirt road, which generally consists of fire lanes and forest roads, can be trekked in every season.
Details of the course: The course, beginning at the old district square where the coffee houses are, reaches the 29 Ekim Castle, which is on the southern border of the village, via a cobblestone road. The most distinct old pathway reaches the forest road in about 1200 m at the end of the gardens through the gardens and elevating parallel to the slope. From here, the wide pathway is 500 m to the right; a new forest road begins ascending towards the southeast through the forest. 700 m further to the right the in-forest pathway begins again. Climbing parallel to the crest for 700 m, you come to the fire lane. Climbing to the crest track, you end up at the three way junction of the crest and the wide field. This area is suitable for camping. 40-50 tents can be set up however there is no water. Following the crest track from the camp site in the southwest direction, approximately 150 m further you reach Boncuktepe’s peak, which is the highest point of the course and bears the trig point 176. Following the track through the forest or fields at times, overseeing the Küçükmenderes Delta and Selçuk, after hiking for about 2500 m in the southwest direction, you intersect another road, having reached the garden with a pool. You walk to the right, continuing 200 m to the west in the southwest direction parallel to the hillside. Following the hillside, you end up on the fire lane. At the end of the fire lane, you continue to the left of the forest road and reach the stone quarry. Çamlık village is straight ahead. Walking on the asphalt road around the stone quarry for a brief time, you turn left and enter the pathway. In about 500 m you arrive at the İzmir – Aydın land route. You can set up camp in the area with tall pine trees just before the land route. You can also have tea at the coffee houses at the beginning of Gökçealan road by crossing the road and ending the course.
Alternative routes connected to the course: The road divides into two at the end of the stone quarry road. 150 m to the left, the fire lane begins. To the left of the fire lane, the course connects to the village road down below. This road that continues from this village road to the end of the course can also be used as a cycling route. The course connects to the Belevi route at Şirince and to the Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) route at Çamlık.
Water resources: There are no water resources along the route.
Camping sites: There are two camping sites.
  1. The camp site, about 150 m further northeast from trig point 176, is 150 m away from the 795 m summit. The distance to the closest residential area, Şirince, is 4.16 km. 50 tents can be set up on the dirt surface camp site along the fire lane. There are forests on both sides; however, there are no water resources close by.
  1. There are olive trees on one side of the camp site amongst the pine trees, on the right side of the asphalt road when leaving Çamlık toward Selçuk. A minimum of 70-80 tents can be set up. Necessities can be acquired from the markets in the village.
Shopping and accommodation: Necessities can be acquired from Şirince and Çamlık. The guesthouses and hotels in Şirince and Selçuk centers can be used for accommodation.
Natural and historical values:
  • Şirince village
Çamlık Steam Locomotive Open Air Museum: It was established in Çamlık village on the İzmir – Aydın railroad, whose construction began in 1856. It is the first and only railroad museum. The museum, about 8 (10) km away from Selçuk, exhibits an English made locomotive that works with wood and 30 German, English, French, American, Swedish and Czechoslovakian steam locomotives.

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