Distance: 26 km

Lowest point: 66 m

Highest point: 286m

Difficulty level: 2


Transportation to the beginning of the course: If you take the İzmir - Çeşme highway, the distance between Konak and Zeytinler village is 54 km. Zeytineli Village is 9 km from the Zeytinler exit of the highway. There are also few options for going with public transportation vehicles. You can come to Fahrettin Altay either by bus or metro and then go to Urla by taking the bus numbered 725, from the transfer station. From here, you can take the Çeşme - Urla bus numbered 760, and get off at the Uzunkuyu stop. As a second alternative, you can take the Çeşme bus from the bus terminal near the Fahrettin Altay transfer center.  Get off the bus in Uzunkuyu after the Zeytinler exit. After this point, you can reach the beginning of the course through your own means. 
Details of the course: Karaköy is a rich village, in particular with aged olive trees. Several old olive trees aged 1000 years and above, are in the region. There is also an old atelier. Besides those, broken grinding stones and mortariums can be seen in various places.
In Zeytineli village, there are several olive trees, aged between 300 and 1000 years, as well as an abandoned olive oil atelier of which its roof has mostly fallen down. However, the stones and the press are still in the atelier.
When you follow the road that goes into the village, Zeytineli beach welcomes you with its clear and clean sea, which is also a convenient site to camp.  Grocery stores are present in the village where you can supply most of your needs.  
The ruins in Posköy exhibits how important olive is for the region throughout history. The Roman mortariums, old wells and ground stones which are used either with manpower or horsepower can be seen.
Ceramics belonging to the Roman Era are discovered within the olive oil atelier here. The atelier is thought to date back to this period. There are old olive trees near the atelier. There is also another atelier in the region, of which the weight stone and ground stone arestill in their original places.
You can come across pieces of pottery that date back to 2000 B.C. when walking around the region.
In Dağovacık, you can see an olive oil atelier which was again built on a Roman settlement. Ground stone, mortariums and wells will be the most remarkable details that you encounter here.

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