Distance: 35 km

Lowest point: 1 m

Highest point: 281 m

Difficulty level: 2


Transportation to the beginning of the course: By a private vehicle, take the Urla exit on the İzmir - Çeşme highway, arrive in İskele. For public transportation vehicles, go to the Fahrettin Altay transfer center either by metro or the municipal buses. From here, arrive to Urla center by taking the bus numbered 725. Then you can arrive to Kuşçular either by a private vehicle or a minibus.
Details of the course: At the Helvacılar region of Kuşçular Village, you can see several olive trees that are aged between 300 to 1500 years. Throughout the region, which has been engaged with agriculture since the Ancient Period, there are many olive trees on sides of the road.
In Yağcılar village, you can walk to the special terrain which the locals have named "Kilise Tepesi" (Church Hill), from a rugged and dirt road. However, this road is quite rough during the winter. Turn left from the Yağcılar village coffee house. Continue to the right at the three-way junction in about 150 m. The route continues south through gardens and fields directly to the forest border. At the forest border, you turn right, again, and walk to the plateau to the east of the big shoulder on the west. The coordinates of the plateau is 38°14’28”N / 26°40’06”E. Entering the terrain road after leaving the tractor road, you reach the cropland. Since it is a dirt road, access can be challenging during the winter.
The "Urla Bağ Evi" accommodation facility in the village center has a 300 year old olive tree and a 2500 year old amphora in its garden. Women sell their home baked products, such as bread, on little sale booths on the weekends. When you pass through Yağcılar and follow the bumpy road that starts from the Demircili turn, you arrive at the Yukarı Demircili village turn. From Demircili village, at the Yağhane Boğazı and Ada (Airai) turn, there is a dirt road in the Airai direction and an asphalt road in the Yağhane Boğazı direction. To arrive to Demircili village, you can turn right. When you turn right, you can arrive at the Demircili village shore (Yağhane Boğazı) through a dirt road. This is a suitable site for camping.
If you turn left from the turn, you arrive at the city of Airai, where the first settlement dates back to the 7th - 8th centuries. Airai is in Demircili village, which is located at the north side of the ancient city of Teos’s north harbor (Gulf of Sığacık).  This region is settled on an old necropolis. It is quite suitable for camping. 

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