Distance: 46 km

Lowest point: 54 m

Highest point: 956 m

Difficulty level: 3


Transportation to the beginning of the course: From the Konak direction, arrive to Güzelbahçe by using the coastal road. Turn towards Seferihisar from the Seferihisar - Güzelbahçe junction. For arriving in the center through the highway, take the Seferihisar exit. Regardless of which transportation alternative you use, turn left from the Gödence turn, after the Bademler turn on the Güzelbahçe - Seferihisar road and enter the village road. You will arrive at Gölcük in 10 km.  
For using the public transportation vehicles, first go to the Fahrettin Altay transfer center either by metro or the municipal buses. It is possible to go to the Seferihisar center from the Üçkuyular bus terminal by taking the bus numbered 730. From here, you can arrive at the village by the municipal bus numbered 731. Or, get off the bus at the Gödence village road junction on theGüzelbahçe - Seferihisar road, and you can arrive in Gölcük either by a private vehicle or the municipal bus numbered 731.
Details of the course: The abandoned olive oil atelier in the village of Gölcük has neither a roof nor any walls; however it creates an impression of an open-air museum since the stones and the machinery are still there.
You can go to the village of Gödence after visiting the atelier in Gölcük. Gödence is among the most important villages of the region due to the fact that it realizes most of the olive oil production of the region, and has a cooperative which has been working for over forty years now. In Gödence, there are three olive oil ateliers, one of which is a continuous system atelier. The Çalıkoğlu Flour and Olive Oil Factory, with an oil engine system, was established in 1937 by Süleyman Bey. There is also the Ünal Olive Oil and Flour Factory which is still working.     
There is a mortarium in front of the village coffee house. There is also an ancient black mulberry tree at the village square. It would be beneficial to visit the Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative for getting to know the village better. The cooperative provides olive oil by a continuous system.
You will encounter a 700-800 year old olive tree in the Derebağ district. Moreover, together with 500 year old olive trees, you can see two more olive trees, one over 1000 and the other one approximately 800 years. There is also a leaching stone well in the region. There is a 600 year old olive tree by the creek. It is also possible to see an old country cottage in the district which is predicted to be built in the 1930 -1940s.
There are no other olive oil ateliers in the rest of the villages included in the course; however the whole region is significant in terms of historical, natural, cultural and industrial heritage riches.
Between Çamtepe and Efemçukuru, you can see olive trees of over 1500 years and two trees of approximately 2000 years. There are also archaic life remains available in the region. At the entrance of the village of Çamtepe, there is Hacı Mahmut Yalçınöz charities, built in 1977.
At the entrance of the village of Efemçukuru, there is a mortarium and a weight stone. There is also an expedition site on the Efemçukuru - Kavacık road where you can enjoy the view. 

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