Festival, activities and special days event organization and promotion are undertaken in Seven counties in the Peninsula Project area.

Festivals are done under three main categories, namely, history-culture, agriculture and sea-sports.

Peninsula Trip Routes Project comprises of thematic hiking routes, thematic bazaars and festivals and carnivals. Visitors touring, staying in and shopping at the peninsula through routes and bazaars have the opportunity to acquaint with traditional colors of the region in festivals.



Karaburun Municipality

Traditional Cuisine Festival

Meet the Sea Festival

Goat Shearing Festival

Börklüce Festival and Poetry Days

Liberation of Karaburun from enemy occupation

Küçükbahçe Tangerine Festival

Eğlencehoca Olive Festival


Çeşme Municipality

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality 6th, Women's Labor Festival

Alaçatı Herb Festival

Reisdere Hıdrellez Festival

Milfest Fashion Festival

Book and Culture Days first week of july

Aziz Nesin Respect Day

Ildırı Culture and Art Festival

Ovacık Agriculture and Chios Sheep Carnival

International Çeşme Music Academy

Liberation Festival

Germiyan Bread Festival


Urla Municipality

Traditional Ninth of March Herb Festival

International Urla Artichoke Festival

Hıdrellez Carnival

International Village Theatres Carnival

Vine Harvest Festival

Literature Festival - First week of September

Nohutalan  Melon Carnival - First week of September

Sardine Festival

Liberation of Urla from Enemy Occupation


Güzelbahçe Municipality

Sea Festival

Payamlı Village Bardacık Festival

Traditional Handicraft Facing Extinction Festival and Liberation Activities


Seferihisar Municipality

International Children's Folk Dances Festival

Local Cuisine Contest

Oil Wrestling Festival

Youth Festival

Beyler Village Hıdrellez Carnival

International Children's Football Tournament

Theatre Festival

Jazz, Blues and Tango Festival

Seferihisar Locals Meeting

Liberation of Seferihisar

International Tangerine Festival


Menderes Municipality

Flower Festival

Menderes Folk Community Carnival

Gümüldür Tangerine Festival


Selçuk Municipality

Camel Wrestling Festival

Stork Festival

Efes Culture and Art Festival