Distance: 58.2 km
Duration: 8.30 hours
Starting point elevation: 9 m
Highest point: 961 m
Difficulty level: 5
It is the hardest course among the Ephesus-Mimas cycling routes; after Bademler village to the Yelki-Güzelbahçe district center and Küçükkaya and Efemçukuru villages, it connects to Gödence. Pedalling at Bademler, the route heads to the Güzelbahçe - Seferihisar road in two lanes and continues to Çamlı and Yelki with dense traffic, reaching Güzelbahçe. The route is more or less easy up till here, and then it goes uphill to Kızıldağlar through the Küçükkaya village road. The route follows the asphalt village roads offer spectacular views by the forest within the Kırıklı topography and finally goes uphill to the radar area which is, after Payamlı and Kavacık villages, the highest point. Then it continues through downhill and uphill asphalt roads of the villages. The route passes through Efemçukuru and Çamtepe villages and ends at Gödence village center.
Kızıldağlar is considered to be an important area with its forest as well as its agricultural production. The bardacık figs of Payamlı, the grapes of Kavacık and Efemçukuru, the vineyards and olive groves of Gödence offer various designs at Kızıldağlar. Apart from its beauties, the gold mine in Efemçukuru operating at the water basin and the lungs of İzmir is unfavorable for our future.
Bademler is an important country side center offering a farmer's market and flower production. Agricultural development cooperative of the village stands as one of the first examples in Turkey. The Payamlı village bardacık figs' festival and the Kavacık village vintage festivals are some of the activities worth seeing. You can find local products at the producer's market in Gödence village and at the Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperation.
The route connects to Gödence EMY 12. Accommodation, food and beverage are available at Güzelbahçe, Seferihisar and Sığacık. In the Kızıldağlar area, there are not many options for food and beverages.
Bademler: It is the first village in Turkey with a village theater and the first children’s museum and has been a stage to the movie,"Susuz Yaz", adopted from Necati Cumalı's story. The producer's market set up every Sunday has become an attraction. The flowers of the Bademler Agricultural Development Cooperative liven up the streets of İzmir.
Gödence: Gödence is located at a mountain village famous with its olives and grapes. You can find hurma olives and other olive varieties, olive oil and olive oil soap at the Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative. 

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