Yaylaköy-İris Gölü

Distance: 16, 5 km
Duration: 5 hour 30 minutes
Starting point elevation: 431 m
Highest point: 438 m
Endpoint elevation: 127 m
Difficulty level: 3
Starting point GPS: 38°34’29.48”N / 26°27’11.75”E
Peak point GPS: 38°34’07.78”N / 26°28’00.58”E
Endpoint GPS: 38°29’42.64”N / 26°27’04.91”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course: Go to the F.Altay transfer center by municipal bus, metro or ferry. There are regular Karaburun minibuses in the Üçkuyular bus terminal. First of all, it is possible to arrive at Urla by the municipal bus numbered 725 and then to arrive to Karaburun by the municipal bus numbered 761 from the transfer center.
Enter the İzmir – Çeşme highway departing from Konak by a private vehicle. Exit from the Karaburun turn and reach Karaburun by using either the new or the old road. If you use the highway, the distance from Konak to Karaburun is 106 km. Apart from the highway, the Narlıdere – Güzelbahçe – Urla – Karaburun coastal road is another option. There are no regular bus services to Karaburun from Yaylaköy. You can take a taxi. The distance between Karaburun and Yaylaköy is 13 km.
Structure of the course: The course, with pathways and forest roads, is surrounded with high shrubs. There are also pine forests that are spread to large areas.
Details of the course: The course begins from the fountain in Yaylaköy. You move east for about 170 m by using the Yaylaköy – Karaburun main road. You enter the tractor road from the goat pen at the right of the road and this tractor road goes to the valley. After 350 m, you enter the pathway parallel to the stream from the olive grove to the left of the road. The pathway goes to the right of the stream after 100 m. The path reacfes a fountain near a big plane tree. From this point, you reach the windpower plant road and move toward the valley lying east. There is a lone pointed rock. The pathway continues from the left of the rock. You walk across the stream disconnecting the pathway. You move along the pathway until the Anna Monastery region. After this region, you continue from a large soil road. There are Indere Caves on the 7.6th km of the road. The caves are not deep and they are used as goat pens. You move from the large soil road to Camiboğazı Stream. After passing the stone chips facility in the stream and at the right of the road, you reach the main road near Iris Lake by climbing the large soil road in the south.
Alternative routes connected to the course: The course is connected to the Tepeboz – Uzundere – Yaylaköy and Karareis – Yukarıovacık courses.
Bicycle road: The course is suitable for mountain biking.
Water resources:
  1. The fountain in Yaylaköy Square (38°34’29.48”N / 26°27’11.75”E).
  2. Anna Monastery Fountain (38°54’98.02”N / 26°46’62.04”E).
  3. The fountain 38°56’91.01”N / 26°46’42.54”E).
Camping site: You can camp in the Anna Monastery Fountain area (38°54’98.02”N / 26°46’62.04”E) but you should be cautious about water during the summer.
Shopping and accommodation: There are no opportunites for shopping at the beginning of the course and during the course. Necessities should be provided from Karaburun. At the end of the course, you can in Karareis Mercan Bay. You can benefit from the guesthouses in Balıklıova.
Natural and historical values: Yaylaköy is an old village with the highest altitude of the Peninsula.  The story of Iris Lake is based on a watchman, Iris, who was sent to the legendary Mimas Mountain to watch over Zeus. 

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