Yeni Liman-Hasseki-Sarpıncık-Parlak-Salman

Distance: 20 km

Lowest altitude: 5 m

Highest point: 420 m

Difficulty Level: 2
Transportation to the beginning of the course: For transportation by a private vehicle to Yeniliman, 113 km from Konak, exit from the Karaburun junction of the İzmir – Çeşme highway. Follow the İzmir – Çeşme highway in the direction of Çeşme. Turn from the IYTE (İzmir Technology of Institute) junction to the right in the Gülbahçe direction. Follow the Balıklıova – Mordoğan – Karaburun – Yeniliman direction from the subsequent junction.
First, go to the F. Altay (Üçkuyular) station by bus or metro in order to use public transportation. Reach the town center by Karaburun buses from the Üçkuyular bus terminal. Then, arrive to Yeniliman by the Karaburun municipal buses. Another way is to go to Urla by the municipal bus numbered 725 from F.Altay and then to reach Karaburun by bus numbered 761 from Urla. The beginning of the course in Yeniliman can be reached by the village minibuses or a private vehicle and then you can arrive at Hasseki village by going straight in Yeniliman.
Details of the course: The old olive oil mill in Hasseki village is used now as a barn and the footing stone of the mill is outside the building.
By following signs within the village, you can go to Sarpıncık village. The mosque of Sarpıncık village was constructed in 1837. There are ruins of an old olive oil mill in front of the mosque and it is thought that this mill had a four stone system.
There is also another olive oil mill which works with a four stone system in the village. As this mill has two floors, it is remarkable to see where the olives fall to the pressing stone from upstairs.  The olive oil mills in the village were closed after 1980.
You can arrive at Parlak village by going straight after Sarpıncık village. In this village, you can encounter two abandoned olive oil mills which have demolished roofs and have four stone systems.  It is believed that the mosque minaret in the Parlak village square dates back to Abdulhamit II. Moreover, there are ruins of an abandoned Greek village (Sazak) in Parlak.
You can go to Salman village by passing Parlak. There are no rendering plants in Salman but you can visit the region for local homemade foods. 

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