Distance: 28 km

Lowest point: 435 m

Highest point: 943 m

Difficulty level: 3


Transportation to the beginning of the course: You can go to the mentioned neighborhoods within the course by taking the following municipal ESHOT buses: No: 28 Güzelbahçe - Payamlı, No: 24 Kavacık - Fahrettin Altay, No: 804 Efemçukuru - Cumaovası Aktarma, No: 739 Beyler - Seferihisar, No: 731 Çamtepe - Seferihisar. Moreover, it is possible to arrive to the town center by the 732 numbered Seferihisar bus which departs from the Fahrettin Altay transfer center as well as the Seferihisar minibuses which depart from the Üçkuyular bus terminal.
Details of the course: there are individual vineyards around the road that connects the neighborhoods along the course, which is within the borders of Seferihisar, Güzelbahçe, Menderes, Karabağlar and Konak districts. Table grapes, such as alphonse lavallee and razaki; wine grapes such as cabarnet sauvignon and merlot are grown in these vineyards. Beyler - Gödence and Gödence - Kavacık courses within the Ephesus - Mimas Road in the context of the Peninsula Project can be strolled through the vineyards. The vineyards are on the hillsides. The slope of the hillsides is often 60 degrees. The vineyards, having borders with the forest, offer unique sceneries thanks to the topography of the region. Transport within the course can either be provided by walking, cycling or vehicle options. From Efemçukuru, you can connect to the course number 5 over Yeniköy with a link road. Likewise, you can connect to the same course over Gödence with the link road that goes around the Beyler Reservoir. The Kavacık Grape Harvest Festival is organized annually in the third week of September.
Shopping and Accommodation: Shopping is possible in Üçkuyular, Güzelbahçe and Seferihisar district centers.  There are hotels and guesthouses in Güzelbahçe and Seferihisar

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