Distance: 20 km

Lowest point: 33 m

Highest point: 622 m

Difficulty level: 2


Transportation to the beginning of the course: You can arrive to Güzelbahçe by taking the municipal bus numbered 8 from the Fahrettin Altay (Üçkuyular) transfer center. Also, there are also regular minibus trips from the Fahrettin Altay bus terminal. The municipal bus numbered 28 can be taken in order to arrive to Küçükkaya and Payamlı villages from Güzelbahçe. Another alternative is to use the highway or the coastal road by a private vehicle. If you are considering using the highway, take the Seferihisar exit and you will arrive to Güzelbahçe center.
Details of the course: There are two olive oil ateliers at the Güzelbahçe center. There is an olive stone press in the garden of the Güzelbahçe Wedding Saloon.  Also, three stones of the four stone mill system, together with the major component, are used as decorative objects.  In Güzelbahçe, there are several olive trees that are older than 1000 and 1500 years.
In the Yaka Neighborhood there is an old olive oil atelier. The stones that were used at the atelier are located outside. The present day owners of the atelier are brother and sister, Mihriban Karaman and Mustafa Türkelli.  The facility, which was founded by their grandfather Mustafa Türkelli and run by their father Mansur Sadık Türkelli, has not been active since 2004. The facility has the capacity to extract approximately 1000 liters of olive oil out of 5 to 6 tons of olive on a productive day. 7 - 10 people used to work at the atelier which had a two-shift operation.
After visiting Küçükkaya Village on your way, you can cross over into Payamlı Village. There is an olive oil atelier which was abandoned 30 years ago. The atelier has a four stone mill system, having a Sait İzmit branded press and pump.
You can end your visit on this route by taking a break at Kavacık Village. You can shop for food and beverages from every village center on your way and benefit from the toilets and coffee houses. There are also guesthouses at Kavacık Village. 

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