Distance: 12 km

Average Duration: 4 hours

Starting Point Elevation: 11 m

Highest point: 232 m

End point elevation: 12 m

Difficulty level: 2


Starting point GPS: 37°59’27.89”N / 27°16’56.72”E

Peak Point GPS: 38°00’00.70”N / 27°13’15.82”E

End point GPS: 38°00’17.58”N / 27°11’31.46”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course: You can reach Selçuk (at an 86 km distance to Konak) from the İzmir – Aydın highway. In order to go there with the railway, you can take the train that goes to Aydın departing from the İzmir Basmane train station. You can go to the Tepeköy transfer station with the İzmir Suburban line (İZBAN) and take the bus numbered 770 to Selçuk. One other option can be taking the Selçuk bus from the İzmir intercity bus terminal. There are regular minibus services to Zeytinköy. 
Structure of the course: You can walk on the course in every season. The course starts with the asphalt village road in Zeytinköy, it passes through the tractor road, the pathway and the Selçuk – Menderes land route. It reaches Notion and Klaros from Yoncaköy Site. The route that reaches the hillside over the water tank in Yoncaköy is covered with lots of shrubs. The road that reaches the pathway on the hillside goes to Notion. After that it reaches Klaros with the tractor road.
Details of the course: By turning right after almost 1 km from Zeytinköy center to the west, you can enter the fruit gardens by following the tractor road. After passing the olive groves, you can reach to the entrance of Yoncaköy which is situated on a beautiful pathway. You can also see the view of Pamucak from Yoncaköy. The course continues with Yoncaköy from the land route. By separating from the land route, it reaches the pathway situated on the hillside. You can reach the hillside by crossing over the water tank. You will also have the opportunity to watch the beautiful view when you walk through the pathway. The pathway reaches Notion by separating from the land route. It continues through Notion and reaches Ahmetbeyli. From there, you can cross the land route on the north and reach Klaros by following the unimproved road between the tangerine gardens by the stream side. As animal husbandry has not been done for a long time in the region, there are a lot of shrubs and the pathways are indistinct. However the course that passes over the water tank is impressive and good.
Alternative routes connected to the course: It connects to the Pamucak – Zeytinköy, Barutçu – Zeytinköy, the Klaros – Ahmetbeyli – Çile – Değirmendere (Colophon) and the Zeytinköy – Gölova – Çile courses. It also connects to two beautiful routes that reach Notion coming from Gölova.
Cycling road: Zeytinköy – Gölova – Çile – Klaros and Notion are good cycling courses.
Water resources: There are no water resources.
Camping sites: There is a camping site in Ahmetbeyli.
Shopping and accommodation: You can find accommodation in Ahmetbeyli in the summer months. There are shopping places in Zeytinköy and Ahmetbeyli.
Natural and historical values: The route in Yoncaköy has a view of Kuşadası, Ephesus, Pamucak and Samos.
– Notion: It is the antique city in Menderes Ahmetbeyli at a 15 km distance to Colophon. It was established as the port of Colophon in the 5th century B.C. During the historical period, Notion had been autonomous. The acropolis of Notion is situated at about the 30th km of the coastal road of Kuşadası.
 – Seferihisar: You can see the wall established in the Hellenistic period that surrounds the acropolis and the temple of Goddess Athena Pollias.
– Klaros: Klaros which was one of the most important oracle centers of the soothsayer God Apollo in ancient Greece was established in the beginning of 12th century B.C. bound to Colophon. Klaros was one of the oracle centers in Anatolia together with Didim. When the soothsayer of Klaros interpreted the dream of Alexander the Great on the establishment of İzmir, the center became famous.
The first omniscient was a woman in the center. In the next periods, the omniscient were chosen among men. Klaros, situated at a 13 km distance on the southeast of Colophon, fascinates visitors with the giant sculptures and writings of the visitors of the antique period. 

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