Distance: 16.5 km

Lowest point: 60 m

Highest point: 240 m

Difficulty level: 1


Transportation to the beginning of the course: Take the Zeytinler exit on the İzmir - Çeşme highway in order to go to Zeytinler village 61 km from Konak. Turn in the Çeşme direction on the İzmir - Çeşme state highway and from the Zeytinler turn, arrive to the village center.  You can also go to Zeytinler by using the Narlıdere-Urla-İçmeler-İYTE junction-Çeşme road instead of using the highway. For transportation by public transport vehicles, you can go to the Fahrettin Altay (Üçkuyular) Station either by bus or metro. From the district bus garage here, you can take the Çeşme bus and get off at the Zeytinler turn. Arrive to Urla center by bus numbered 725 from Fahrettin Altay. Then, with the Çeşme bus, numbered 760, which you can take from here, arrive to the Zeytinler turn.
Details of the course: There is an olive oil factory that works continuously in Zeytinler village. No traces of an old system olive oil atelier is found in the region, however a mortarium can be seen in the village. The region, on the other hand, is very rich with aged olive trees.
One of the places worth seeing in Zeytinler village is the "Köstem Olive Oil Museum", which is under construction, targeting to be the world's biggest olive oil museum. In the museum, you will be able to see the evolution of olive oil production, from the most primitive to the most advanced technology. The work for entering a soap atelier into service as well as a children's playground are also underway. There is an olive oil factory that works continuously in Uzunkuyu village.
Nohutalan village in Urla was founded in 1940. It is commonly known as a Bosnian village, since the entire population of the village consists of the grandchildren of Bosnians who have migrated from the Balkans (www.nohutalan.org). An old ruined church remains in the town.
In Germiyan there is an abandoned atelier that runs with the old system and a continuous system olive oil factory.  Weight stones (1-a stone that is mounted under wooden worm gear, 2-a stone which is used by fastening to press arm) , that are used for pressing olives, can be seen in several places of the village.
The route is quite rich with accommodation, leisure, food and beverage facilities and options. 

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