Distance: 38 km

Lowest point: 25m

Highest point: 329 m

Difficulty level: 2


Transportation to the beginning of the course: From Konak, arrive to Güzelbahçe by using the coastal road. Turn towards Seferihisar from the Seferihisar - Güzelbahçe junction. To arrive to the center through the highway, take the Seferihisar exit. To use public transportation vehicles, first go to the Fahrettin Altay transfer center either by metro or municipal buses. It is possible to go to the Seferihisar center from the Üçkuyular bus terminal by taking the bus numbered 730. Regardless of which transportation alternative you use, from the center, you can arrive at the start of the Kavakdere route by a private vehicle using the old Ürkmez road.
Details of the course: The oldest settlement within the borders of Seferihisar district is Teos, the city of Carians, and known to be founded in 2000 BC by the Cretans, who were fleeing the Achaeans. Thus, it can be said that there has been habitation in the region for four thousand years. The Seferihisar district is the first city to enter the international Cittaslow network in Turkey. (http://seferihisar.bel.tr/en/)
The ancient port city of Teos is situated in the Sığacık district of Seferihisar, 60 km southwest of İzmir. The city was built and developed on a small peninsula called Isthmos. The acropolis of the city rises on Kocakır Tepesi. The city, with its two ports;, one in the south, the other in the north, developed between the acropolis and the south port. The well preserved Hellenistic city wall surrounds the city at a length of 6 km. In the Geometric and Archaic periods, the hills on the western side of the acropolis were used as a cemetery. The necropolis was moved to the southern hills in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. 
Located near the village of Kavaklı, 17 km southeast of Seferihisar, the Karakoç hot spring contains carbondioxide, sodium chloride and bicarbonate. It is effective in curing rheumatism, skin and rachitic diseases.
In the region known as "Eski Orhanlı" of Orhanlı village, there is a stone press olive oil factory left from the 1950s and is still active. In addition, there is also one continuous system olive oil factory. One of the three bridges that you will see when passing by Eski Orhanlı is historical. Many ancient olive trees are present in the region.
* There is a pond and a reservoir on the road from Orhanlı to Beyler.  Kavakdere, which you should pass within when going to Beyler, is a much dispersed settlement. Thus, no center can be defined.    
* You can take a break at the village coffee house in Beyler, which you can to arrive after passing through narrow streets. There is a stone press olive oil factory close to the village center. Moreover, there are two continuous system olive oil factories in the village.   

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