Peninsula Project also contains thematic bazaars meeting local administration, consumers and producers without intermediaries. Market development, standardization and promotion activities are done by Metropolitan Municipality.

Grouped under three themes, periodical, seasonal and those organized in special days and weeks, the bazaars enable producers to market their goods on site.


Standards for Producers’ bazaars

Producers shall;

Live in the location, have documentations ensuring that they are registered to farmers registry system and accept bazaar sales and hygiene rules obtained from Public Education Centers

Bazaar organizers provide support in corporate identity (aprons, sheets, labels, sales booth, packaging – bottling, etc.) for thematic bazaars.

 Counties and Their Bazaars


Karaburun Central Public Bazaar

Karaburun İskele Night Bazaar

Mordoğan Public Bazaar

Mordoğan Night Bazaar



Çiftlik Bazaar

Alaçatı Bazaar

Dalyan Open Public Bazaar

Reis Dere Public Bazaar

Çeşme Central(Village Products Producers' Bazaar)

Çeşme Central Public Bazaar

Ilıca Open Public Bazaar

Ovacık Open Public Bazaar



Zeytin Open Day Public Bazaar

Urla Central Public Bazaar

Tamirhane Women Producers' Bazaar

Urla Art Street

İskele Day (Public) Bazaar

İskele Women Producers' Bazaar

Çeşmealtı Night Bazaar

Çeşmealtı Day Bazaar



Cuma Public  Bazaar

Village Products Bazaar

Sığacık Producers' Bazaar

Akarca Night Bazaar

Sığacık Night Bazaar

Ürkmez Public Bazaar

Ürkmez Night Bazaar

Doğanbey Night Bazaar



Yelki Bazaar

Halk Bazaar

Salı Public Bazaar

Yaka Otantik Bazaar

Night Bazaar (Vapur İskelesi)



Özdere Orta Mahalle Public Bazaar

Gümüldür Public Bazaar

Özdere Culture Bazaar

Özdere Çukuraltı Bazaar

Gümüldür Night Bazaar

Menderes Merkez Public Bazaar



Cumartesi Public Bazaar

Pazartesi Public Bazaar

Belevi Public Bazaar

Çamlık Semt Bazaar

Gökçealan Semt Bazaar

Selçuk Night Bazaar

Selçuk Women Handiwork Bazaar

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