Distance: 5 km
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Starting point elevation: 45 m
Highest point: 174 m
Endpoint elevation: 174 m
Difficulty level: 1
Starting point GPS: 38°15’30.99”N / 26°48’24.99”E
Peak point GPS: 38°17’12.19”N / 26°47’31.52”E
Endpoint GPS: 38°17’12.19”N / 26°47’31.52”E

Transportation to the beginning of the course: The vehicle leaving from Konak can either follow the seaside road through Güzelbahçe or go on the highway. Entering Bademler village in the Seferihisar direction, you reach the beginning of the course, Turgut village. The distance between Konak and Turgut village is 41 km.
For public transportation, go to the Fahrettin Altay transfer center in Üçkuyular by taking the municipal bus first and then the metro or the ferry. You can take the Seferihisar – F.Altay municipal bus number 730 from the bus terminal in Üçkuyular and from there, the Urla – Seferihisar bus number 732 to get to Turgut village center.
Structure of the course: Being mainly a path way, the course is made up of tractor roads, forest roads and partially asphalt. İhsaniye village center is right in the middle of the route which runs through gardens, fields, and forestland. The course is eligible for hiking in every season.
Details of the course: The course, beginning at Turgut village, follows the asphalt İhsaniye – Bademler road and 250 m further enters into the dirt road to the right of the graveyard on the left of the road. The road, in time, turns into a distinct pathway. The pathway re-enters a dirt road about 900 m from the beginning point and continues to the left towards north. There are untreated rocks extracted in the ancient age on the dirt road. The dirt/tractor road continues as a wide pathway going through the quarry, nowadays known as Kesikkaya, used in the ancient age, located on the side of the pine forests adjacent to the road.
Continuing from the quarry, the road, running by the fields and to the north through forests, connects to the ancient bridge of İhsaniye village. Because the ancient village is covered in concrete, it is not apparent unless carefully observed. A break at the picnic area in İhsaniye village center is possible. The stone pavement road progressing northwest from the village picnic area turns up on Balıklı Stream and splits into two.
The first road on the left is a vehicle road. It connects to Ovacık village through a dirt road. The 3200 m course can also be used as a cycling route.
The second road is the narrow pathway running along the right of the stream. Skirting the stream and going above an old water trench, it ends up next to a wire fence. The narrow pathway advancing to the right of the wire fence and through the forest connects to the dirt road at the end of the forest. After connecting to the paved road where village settlements begin through the fields, the terrain road ends in front of the Ovacık village elementary school.
Alternative routes connected to the course: The course connects to the Azmak – Turgut course to the south and to the Ovacık – Klazomenai course to the north.
Water resources: Water can be supplied in Turgut, İhsaniye and Ovacık villages. There are no fountains or wells for water supply along the course.
Camping sites: There is a suitable area to camp next to the Turgut village coffee house. Camping is possible at the picnic area in İhsaniye village. The school yard in Ovacık village is suitable to set up tent. However, all three options require a notice to the village headman.
Shopping and accommodation: Shopping is possible in Turgut village. The closest accommodations are the hotel and guesthouses in Sığacık and Urla center.
Natural and historical values: There are engraved groovy pillars in doric-order, removed from the quarry in Turgut village. There is an ancient quarry between Turgut village and İhsaniye village nowadays known as Kesikkaya. The old mosque in İhsaniye village is worth seeing despite its dilapidated condition. 

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