Sığacık Kalesi-Karagöl-Azmak

Distance: 8 km

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Starting point elevation: 1 m

Highest point: 66 m

Endpoint elevation: 5 m

Difficulty level: 1


Starting point GPS: 38°11’28.55”N / 26°47’11.40”E

Peak point GPS: 38°12’54.82”N / 26°46’31.71”E

Endpoint GPS: 38°13’06.28”N / 26°46’23.69”E

Transportation to the beginning of the course: Youcan arrive at Güzelbahçe through the coastal road by vehicles departing from Konak. Then at the Seferihisar-Güzelbahçe junction, you can turn to Seferihisar. Or you can drive on the highway and take the Seferihisar exit. Minibuses to Sığacık are located 5 km away from the center.
For public transportation, you can initially go to the Fahrettin Altay transfer center in Üçkuyular either by bus, subway or ferryboat. Municipality bus numbered 730 goes to Seferihisar center, which departs from the Üçkuyular bus terminal. From there, you can reach Sığacık by minibuses or private vehicles.
Structure of the course: The course, starting from the south gate of the Sığacık Fortress, continues on the asphalt road until the cemetery.
The road then reaches Cambaz Cove and the sheep pens on pathways. There is a dirt vehicle road from the pens to the Azmak junction.     
Details of the course: The course which starts from the south gate of Sığacık Fortress follows the asphalt road towards Seferihisar eastward and arrives at the Karagöl road junction after 1.5 km. If you follos the road towards north, after 500 meters, you will reach Karagöl. Karagöl used to be a quarry during the ancient times and today is named Karagöl (meaning black lake) due to the collected water. You can reach the shore by following the road southwest, from the south of Karagöl. The course, which follows the shore southwest from the Üçyol junction on the left, arrives at Sığacık Cemetery. The road then goes to the right hand side of the Cemetery and reaches İncirli Cove. The road passes under the big Valonia Oak and makes a right turn.  The road then continues from the right of Minaretaşı Hill and reaches Cambaz Cove by heading northwest from the Cambaz Hill pass. The pathway road which goes along the Cambaz road reaches Kokurdak Cove's entrance and then connects to the dirt road that vehicles can pass from to the right of ruined the structures which used to be sheep pens. The road reaches the Azmak Hill pass where it goes in two different directions. The one which turns west ends in Azmaktepe. The other one going north enters the olive groves and reaches the Azmak - Turgut junctions as it turns towards west.  
Alternative routes connected to the course: When headed south, the Sığacık Fortress - Azmak course connects to the ancient city of Teos course, when headed northeast from Azmak, it connects to the Azmak - Turgut - İhsaniye - Klazomenai course.
Water resources: Water can be provided from the Sığacık Cemetery. There are no water resources until the Azmak Cove.
Camping site: There is a 20 tent capacity camping site in Azmak Cove; however, there is no water.
Shopping and accommodation: There are plenty of guesthouses, boutique hotels and coffee houses present at Sığacık Kaleiçi. You can buy homemade goods such as marmalades, homemade fettuccini, tarhana soup and pickles as well as crops growing in this area from the farmers market in Kaleiçi on Sundays. 
Natural and Historical Values: Teos, Sığacık Fortress, Kaleiçi Neighborhood. 

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