We travelled from the known to the unknown on the Ephesus – Mimas Road. Hidden treasures of the nature and history were our fellow travellers and they shed a light on the unknowns.

The renowned Ancient Ephesus… Mimas, known with its mythical winds, is the tomb of mythological creature Mimas Giant… Akdağ, the highest peak of ancient Ionia… The mythological name of Karaburun known for its unique and unexplored geography…

The Ephesus – Mimar Road in the Peninsula geography connects 6 Ionia cities (Ephesus, Kolophon, Lebedos, Teos, Klazomenai and Erythrai) located on the southwest – west line of Izmir and reaches to Mimas.

In addition to trekking and cycling trails, our olive garden, vineyard and blue themed routes added value to the Ephesus – Mimas Road.

Our trekking trail of 49 tracks is located on a total 709 kilometers including main road of 450 kilometers and side roads. The cycling trail with 191-kilometer long EuroVelo route is located on total 773-kilometer with our alternative routes. The olive gardens route is completed with 7 regional stages and 21 sub routes. Our vineyard road on this Peninsula geography was created with 6 regional routes.

The most important aspect of these efforts is the contribution of civil society organizations. This was a first in Turkey, maybe all around the world. Izmir showed its difference once again. These bighearted people valued the concepts of organization and sharing, and voluntarily established the routes, collected data on the site despite the cold weathers in February and March. They marked the routes as of June despite the heat waves in Izmir.

God bless your hands, efforts and hearts… Thank you, may you live long…  

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality sincerely thanks all civil society organization executives and members who volunteered to be a part of this process.

Organizations and clubs volunteering on the Ephesus – Mimas Road:

Dokuz Eylül Mountaineering Club
Kordelya Mountaineering Club
Keşif Mountaineering Club
Doruk Mountaineering Club
İzmir Mountaineering Club
Bayraklı Municipality Sports Club
Karşıyaka Mountaineering Club
İzmir Specialized Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club
Kaçkar Mountaineering Club
Karaburun City Council
Peninsula Social Responsibility Society
Karaburun Peninsula Trekking Group
Zirve Mountaineering Club
Zeytince Ecological Life Support Association
Unexplored Ancient City Cycling Tour Volunteers
Cat Cycling Society 
İzmir Cycling Society
Aegean Pedal Club