Distance: 18.5 km
Duration: 7 hours
Starting point elevation: 196 m
Highest point: 500 m
Endpoint elevation: 49 m
Difficulty level: 3
Starting point GPS: 38°39’39.35”N / 26°26’50.05”E
Peak point GPS: 38°34’47.83”N / 26°27’37.75”E
Endpoint GPS: 38°34’29. 67”N / 26°27’14.80”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course:  Reach the Fahrettin Altay transfer center by metro, bus or ferry. There are Karaburun minibuses in the Üçkuyular district garage. You can go to Urla from the Fahrettin Altay transfer center by bus numbered 725 and then to Karaburun by bus number 761.
With a private vehicle, enter the İzmir—Çeşme highway from konak. You will reach Karaburun after you exit from the Karaburun turn. The distance between Konak and Karaburun is 106 km via the highway. The Narlıdere-Güzelbahçe-Urla-Karaburun road is another option other than the highway. You can go to Yeniliman and, from there, to Tepeboz by the village minibuses.
Structure of the course: Village roads, tracks, forest roads and paths dominate the course. There are high maquis shrublands as well.
Details of the course: The course starts at the center of Tepeboz village and continually rises. Enter the rocky road climbing the skirt on the southern part of the village. Walk eastwards from the tractor road. Turn left from the goat pen on the left when you reach to the highest point of the road. Descend to the tractor road that passes over the skirt of Uzundere Valley. Walk southward when you come to the slope road. You will reach Uzundere Valley and the pond at the end of the road. Enter the tractor road on the left side of the pond and follow the road along the river. When you reach the river, enter the path which goes from the left. Head away the same tractor road at the end of the path. The tractor road continues parallel to the valley and then turns eastwards. The road passes above the clay quarry and continues to the Karaburun-Yaylaköy direction.
Alternative routes connected to the course: Connects to the Yaylaköy-İris Lake and Yaylaköy-Akdağ-Kösedere courses.
Water resources:

  1. The ancient Tepeboz fountain 38°39’39.88”N / 26°26’50.00”E
  2. The fountain 38°35’07.73”N / 26°28’26.80”E
Camping site: There are no convenient fields for camping.
Shopping and accommodation: There are no shops in the region. You should shop either in Karaburun or Yeniliman. The nearest accommodation can be found in Karaburun.
Natural and historical values:

  1. Tepeboz village is a spectacular ancient settlement.
  2. Uzundere is the longest river in the Peninsula.

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