Distance: 14.5 km
Duration: 5 hours
Starting point elevation: 13 m
Highest point: 381 m
Endpoint elevation: 20 m
Difficulty level: 3
Starting point GPS: 38°33’42.85”N / 26°22’23.47”E
Peak point GPS: 38°32’18.86”N / 26°24’47.65”E
Endpoint GPS: 38°29’34.45”N / 26°25’15.00”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course: Karaburun is 106 km with a private vehicle on the İzmir-Çeşme highway. Exit the highway from the Karaburun turn and reach the town from the old or new road. Another option is the old road in the Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe, Urla, Karaburun direction.
Reach the Fahrettin Altay transfer center to use public transportation. There are minibuses to Karaburun in the district garage near the transfer center. From here, you can take the public bus no 725 to Urla and from there you can take bus number 761 to Karaburun. To reach Denizgiren, you can take the village minibuses or use your private vehicle.
The district center is far from the beginning of course. So get off of any vehicle in Balıklıova. From here, reach the beginning of the course in Denizgiren. The distance between Balıklıova and Denizgiren is 35 km.
Structure of the course: The course passes through mandarin gardens in Denizgiren. It passes by Küçükbahçe and Meli settlememts following mainly pine forests and short maquis. The course which starts with the asphalt road which passes over the fire lanes and forest roads also includes village roads, riverside paths and partly asphalt roads. You can encounter shepherd dogs in places where livestock is spread. This is a course you will enjoy walking on except for between June-September.
Details of the course: The course starts at the Denizgiren village coffee house. The asphalt road passing in front of the coffee house should be followed until the main road junction. 100 m after, you turn left from the main road, the course departs from the asphalt road and continues from the left side of a bridge. It continues until the end of the water channel. From the left beach of the river continue up the valley. The course climbs the slope from the dirt road, arrives at Çukurköy from the northern side of Küçükbahçe. Climb the path behind Çukurköy and reach Yaylaköy after passing near a barn. Turn left from the asphalt road and enter the path which leads to the right side of the main road when you come to a dirt road turn after 200 m. When you come to the asphalt road, again, enter the forest road on the first right. You will climb to the watch tower when you come to the 6th forest fire lane. Follow the fire lane on the crest southwards. The fire lane cuts the forest road on the crest. Right after that point, enter another lane which ascends eastwards and climb. Descend the skirt through the stabilized road. Turn right from the stabilized road and enter the forest road on the right after 1400 m. After a 1800 m walk on the forest road you will ascend dto the stabilized road again. Enter the forest road which leads southward after 600 m. You will reach Meli village. You will descend to lowland from the eastern side of the village. The course ends as you reach the Karareis turn on the Balıklıova-Küçükbahçe village road asphalt. The distance of the end point to Karareis beach is 2 km.
Alternative routes connected to the course: The course connects to the Badembükü-Denizgiren and Karareis-Yukarıovacık-Aşağıovacık routes. A considerate part of the route can be crossed by bike.
Water resources: The fountain in old Çukurköy flows. 38°33’42.00”N / 26°23’36.23”E
Camping sites:

  1. Denizgiren Tolos site: 38°33’41.17”N / 26°22’07.78”E. There is water and a market.
  2. Old Meli Village: 38°30’07.18”N / 26°25’27.35”E. There is water.
  3. Karareis Mercan Cove: 38°28’38.97”N / 26°25’35.34”E. There is water and a market.
Shopping and accommodation: There are shopping opportunities in Denizgiren and Karareis. There are a few guesthouses in Denizgiren. Balıklıova and Ildırı are the closest accommodation places.
Natural and historical values: The course is convenient for walking between September-June. It is covered with the vegetation of the Aegean region. It is rich of flowers. Denizgiren has a beautiful beach. There are several guesthouses here. 

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