Amberseki-Saip-Karaburun Merkez-Bozköy-Tepeboz

Distance: 17 km

Lowest altitude: 12 m

Highest point: 196 m

Difficulty Level: 1
Transportation to the beginning of the course: For transportation by a private vehicle to Karaburun, 104 km from Konak, exit from the Karaburun junction of the İzmir – Çeşme highway. Follow the İzmir – Çeşme highway in the direction of Çeşme. Turn from the IYTE (İzmir Technology of Institute) junction to the right in the Gülbahçe direction. Arrive at the town center by following the Balıklıova – Mordoğan – Karaburun direction from the subsequent junction.
For public transportation, first, go to the F. Altay (Üçkuyular) station by bus or metro. Reach Urla by the municipal bus numbered 725 from the F.Altay transfer center. Go to the town center by the Urla – Karaburun bus numbered 761 from Urla. You can also reach the town center directly with the Karaburun buses from the Üçkuyular bus terminal.
Details of the course: You can see an active olive oil mill on the left in about 600 m after taking the Ambarseki village turn. There are also two presses in this two stone mill which uses a stone pressed operation. A broken orbis in front of the mosque minaret, wooden bastinado, threshing sled and mortar stone in the village square may give you an idea about the means of production that were used in the past. When you pass the village square and move along this road, you will see two mills on the right. One of them was restored and turned into a theater but it is not currently used. Although the other mill right behind the previous one has a demolished roof, press and ground stones exist within.
If you move on the road, a beautiful sea view will accompany you and this road will take you to Saip village.
When you pass Saip village center and move down towards the main road, you will face two abandoned olive oil mills near the end of the road. There is a century old plane tree and old olive trees around it. One of the abandoned rendering plants has a four stone system and was restored. The other rendering plant working with two stones and has a press possesses a demolished roof. There are also old olive trees in the region where rendering plants exist.
When you go to the main road and move towards Karaburun center, an abandoned olive oil mill, which is now used a carpenter’s shop, is located in the entry of the town on the right side. There are 500 and 1000 year old olive trees in the field near the mill. You can rest, meet your nutrient needs in Karaburun and enjoy the unique views. You can reach Bozköy by following the signs in the center. Bozköy has two olive oil mills. It is considered that there are machines within the rendering plant numbered 77/a. The other rendering plant, wih a four stone system, possesses a demolished roof. A press and a full amphora still exist within.
When you arrive at Tepeboz village by following the signs, you will come across an abandoned olive oil mill in the center. There is a four stone olive pressing system spun by horse and a press with a capstan spun by men. The fountain in the village center has a feature: this fountain is double-sided and it is believed that one side was used by the Turks while the other side was used by the Greeks. The locals state that an old rendering plant, which worked with a four stone system, is now used as a house.
You can go to Yeniliman, on the coast, by following the signs and can meet your food, beverage and resting needs. 

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