Distance: 34 km

Lowest point: 67 m

Highest point: 179 m

Difficulty level: 2


Transportation to the beginning of the course: By a private vehicle, you can arrive in Menderes center by using the Konak - Airport road. If you prefer the public transportation vehicles you can go to the ESBAŞ transfer center by the İZBAN train. From here, you can take the bus numbered 708 and arrive in Görece. Moreover, to go to Görece you can also use the minibuses that depart from the bus terminal, where you can reach by İZBAN.
Details of the course: If you start your route from Menderes center, you can visit the factory that works with a continuous system. Yeşilce Olive Oil Factory, which has switched to a continuous system from stone press 15 years ago, has been active for the last 55 years. At the center, there is a footing stone left from the late 15th century, behind the Kasımpaşa Mosque.
On this route, just like the former one, you can see olive oil production equipments abandoned in the streets. There is an olive press and a "skana"* in Küner village. You can also see a mortarium at the entrance and a stone mill at the village square of Şaşal village. From here, you can pass to Değirmendere village and see an olive press in the garden of a house. There is also an olive cracking machine in the same village.
Likewise, you can see olive presses and footing stones in Çamönü village. One of those presses is being jointly used in the village. There is also a historical fountain that was built in 1927 and a historical gateway that is said to be at least 120 years old and left from the Greeks.
In Ataköy village, the last stop on this route, you can find all of the equipments for olive extraction system together. That mentioned system that is located in İsmail Yeşilışık's garden consists of an olive extraction footing stone, olive extraction stones, skana and "polüm".  There is also an ancient olive tree in the same garden.

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