Klaros-Ahmetbeyli-Çile-Değirmendere (Kolophon)

Distance: 19.5 km

Average Duration: 7 hours

Starting point elevation: 9 m

Highest point: 468 m

End point elevation: 154 m

Difficulty level: 3


Starting point GPS: 38°00’14.24”N / 27°11’33.27”E

Peak point GPS: 38°05’10.02”N / 27°09’06.90”E

Endpoint GPS: 38°06’50.86”N / 27°08’22.07”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course: By using the Konak- Airport- Menderes- Ahmetbeyli-Özdere land route by a private vehicle, you can arrive at Klaros in which the course starts from the fork on the left which is 2 km before arriving at Ahmetbeyli beach. If you prefer to use public transportation, you can reach the Cumaovası transfer center by İZBAN and take the ESHOT 775 Cumaovası-Özdere and reach Ahmetbeyli. From that point, you can walk to Klaros.
Structure of the course: The course passes through roads between gardens, forest roads, and paths, roads in the village, woods, maquis and the Ataköy Pond. It reaches the ancient city of Colophon and arrives at the Değirmendere settlement center. You can walk on the course in every season. 
Details of the course: Starting from the Ancient Klaros Oracle Center, the course passes by tangerine gardens on the north. By following the road parallel to the stream bed, it cuts the İzmir-Özdere land route and arrives at Ahmetbeyli village center. From the center, it escalates in the direction of north on the shoulder and goes into an earth road. The route starts to follow the earth road. At the end of the road, there are woods and maquis; on the right, there are croplands and boundaries of the gardens. The course mainly goes towards north and concurrently, it continues parallel to the land route and arrives at Çile village.
In Çile village, going into the path on the north at the slope, the course goes by maquis, woods and the forest road on the northwest. Then, it surpasses the maquis-dominated horizontal shoulder and goes down to the boundaries of cropland. It passes through the flat field and ascends towards northwest again and follows woods, maquis and open fields. Afterwards, it arrives at Ataköy Pond’s right side coast through forest roads and paths. You can set up a camp and enjoy the views of the lake, forest and plains. There is a picnic area on the left shore; however, there are no water resources.
By following the full penstock of the pond, it descends to the stream bed, gets into the road going to the left and reaches the left side coast of the pond. It continuously escalates by following the forest road towards west. After about 1300 m from the pond, it arrives at a small flat field. Leaving the present road, going into the apparent path and passing by the woods and maquis, the course arrives at the highest point (468m). It is a pleasure to watch the view from up here.
It goes on the path on the shoulder for a while and then goes down to the valley at the west of the shoulder, to the forest road and follows down the road from the valley. Going parallel to the slope from the west of Çamönü village, it ascends towards the headland and arrives at the Karacadağ- Tahtalı- Lebedos route fork. As the forest road goes down to the valley from there and escalates on the opposite shoulder, the course goes into the path on the northwest to the right, before reaching the shoulder line and arrives at Colophon acropolis. The path passing by the ancient city descends in the direction of west on the shoulder and reaches Değirmendere village, and after about 600 m, it arrives at the village center and ends there.
There is also a route alternative to the Ahmetbeyli – Çile route which is about 250 m higher than the main route and runs completely through the forest. The alternative route connects to the main route at Çile center by climbing the slope from Ahmetbeyli village center and following the forest road passing the shoulder line, arching along the shoulder and trailing the shoulder, entering the dirt road. The alternative route is approximately 7.5 km long.
Alternative routes connected to the course: At the beginning point, it connects to the Zeytinköy-Notion-Klaros course, in Çile village with the Zeytinköy- Gölova- Çile course and at the endpoint with the Değirmendere (Colophon) - Karacadağ- Tahtalı- Ürkmez (Lebedos) course.
Cycling and olive roads: The earth roads between Değirmendere – Çamönü – Ataköy Pond – Karacadağ village – Klaros – Çile can be used as bicycle routes.
Water resources: During the course, there is a water resource on the forest road between Çamönü – Colophon. In addition, the course passes by settlements.
Camping sites: There are suitable camping sites in Ahmetbeyli. You can set up camp in the picnic area near Ataköy Pond but there is no water.
Shopping and accommodation: There are shopping centers in Değirmendere, Ataköy, Çamönü and Çile. You can stay at the guesthouses in Ahmetbeyli beach, and there are guesthouses and hotels in Özdere.
Natural and historical values: The route in Yoncaköy has a view of Kuşadası, Ephesus, Pamucak and Samos.
– Notion
– Klaros

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