Distance: 16 km
Duration: 6 hours
Starting point elevation: 294 m
Highest point: 367 m
Endpoint elevation: 4 m
Difficulty level: 2
Starting point GPS: 38°39’16.23”N / 26°24’09.06”E
Peak point GPS: 38°37’50.59”N / 26°23’49.30”E
Endpoint GPS: 38°37’02.64”N / 26°21’28.87”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course: Follow the İzmir-Çeşme highway in the direction of Çeşme after you exit from the Karaburun junction in order to reach Sarpıncık with your private vehicle. Turn right from the İYTE junction in the Gülbahçe direction. Then follow the Balıklıova, Mordoğan, Karaburun, Yeniliman, Haseki, Sarpıncık direction.
In order to use public transportation, go to the Fahrettin Altay bus station first and take the Karaburun bus from the bus garage. From the bus terminal in the town center, you can get on the village bus which goes to Sarpıncık. An alternative way is to go to Urla with the bus numbered 725 to Urla and take the bus numbered 761 numbered to Karaburun from there. You can reach Sarpıncık village with village buses from there.
Structure of the course: The course passes through village roads, dirt and stabilized roads, olive groves, maquis, mandarin orchards and a stream bed. You can encounter shepherd dogs in some places.
Details of the course: The walking track which is partly convenient for cycling starts from Sarpıncık Avenue and continues through a wide dirt road in the southeast direction. It leads you to the 600 m long Hamzabükü asphalt in 1.5 km. Continue to the dirt road in the southeastern direction. The road which is parallel to the south skirt splits into two. The dirt road on the left goes down to the Dolca River. There is a beautiful picnic area by Dolca River. You will reach Dolca River if you follow the river bed eastwards. There is a nice beach among mandarin gardens. You can follow the old path at the end of the dirt road. You will reach a hill where wind energy stations are situated. There you will see Sazak Village. After that, you will enter to a wide road reserved for wind energy santrals. Follow the dirt road which descends to Badembükü Valley after the 3rd RES. Enter the path where old olive trees are on both sides as you descend the valley. You will pass dry river beds in some points. You will reach the asphalt road at the end of the path. The road goes until the cottage coffee house. In the spring, you can see a lot of bees on this road. You reach the cottage coffee house in Badembükü as you walk among mandarin trees.
Alternative routes connected to the course: It is connected to the Yeniliman, Hamzabükü, Sarpıncık, Badembükü and Denizgiren routes.
Water resources: The Sarpıncık fountain flows continuously. 38°39’16.23”N / 26°24’09.06”E
Camping sites: You can camp in Sarpıncık and Badembükü. There are water and grocery stores in both places.
Shopping and accommodation: You can buy necessary supplies from Yeniliman. Grocery store and water are available in Sarpıncık and Badembükü. There are guesthouses in Yeniliman.
Natural and historical values: This course, covered with the vegetation of the region, is convenient for trekking between September – June. It is rich of olive groves and flowers. Badembükü beach, where mandarin and artichoke are grown, is gorgeous.
Sazak Village: Sazak Village is an abandoned mountain village located on a skirt which sees Chios and Lesbos Islands. The village was emptied when the Greeks migrated to Chios during the population exchange between Turkey and Greece in 1923-1924. There is an Ottoman fountain, church and a graveyard here.

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