Yukarı Ovacık-Köypınarı-Gerence (İltur)-İskele

Distance: 13.5 km
Duration: 5 hours
Starting point elevation: 466 m
Highest point: 466 m
Endpoint elevation: 5 m
Difficulty level: 3
Starting point GPS: 38°29'23.57”N / 26°30'27.60”E
Peak point GPS: 38˚29'23.57”N / 26˚30'72.60”E
Endpoint GPS: 38˚26'10.05”N / 26˚30'23.65”E
Transportation to the beginning of the course: The Fahrettin Altay transfer station can be reached by the public bus, metro or the ferry. There are regular minibuses to Karaburun from the Üçkuyular terminal next to the transfer station. From the Fahrettin Altay transfer station the public bus numbered 725 goes to Urla and the bus numbered 761 goes to Karaburun. In order to reach the starting point of the route, after Mordoğan at the Eğlenhoca junction you should get off the bus and could go to Eğlenhoca by car and then to Yukarıovacık. It is 15 km from the junction to Yukarıovacık.
You can get to the İzmir-Çeşme highway by car from Konak. After the Karaburun detour, you can reach Karaburun from either the old land route or the new one. Konak-Karaburun is 106 km and the Narlıdere-Güzelbahçe-Urla-Karaburun land route is another option.
Structure of the course: Terrain roads are formed of RES roads, high and low maquis. There are also some rocky parts where paths get through.
Details of the course: The course starts at the Yukarıovacık region. In thr southwest direction, the Ovacıkyolu path passes through the Eskicidağı Mount skirts. Before reaching the rubble collection point of the marble quarry, the road goes west. Through the dirt road seen from far away, it continues by the power distribution unit. This road connects to the asphalt road and then reaches the Iltur complex in the southeast direction. The road goes through the complex and ends up at the beach.
Alternative routes connected to the course:
  1. Karareis-Yukarıovacık-Aşağıovacık
  2. Yukarıovacık-Kösedere
Water resources: Does not exist
Camping sites: There is a camping site at İltur beach, Gerence region (38˚43'25.55"N / 26˚51'41.42"E)
Shopping and accommodation: There are no alternatives for shopping before starting the course. So you should remember that the last shopping spot before starting the course is at Mordoğan. At the end point, İltur complex is available for shopping. There are hotels and guesthouses in Mordoğan.
Natural and historical values: The unique panorama of the region is the most important natural wealth...

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