Zeytineli-Ulaştıran Tepe-Zeytinler-Birgi

Distance: 19 km
Duration: 6 hours
Starting point elevation: 71 m
Highest point: 496 m
Endpoint elevation: 202 m
Difficulty level: 3
Starting point GPS: 38°14’10.73”N / 26°30’18.08”E
Peak point GPS: 38°14’57.61”N / 26°34’26.02”E
Endpoint GPS: 38°18’08.39”N / 26°33’16.01”E

Transportation to the beginning of the course: With a private vehicle, the distance between Konak – Zeytinler, via the İzmir – Çeşme highway, is 54 km. Zeytineli village is 9 km from the Zeytinler exit of the highway. There are several options for public transportation. Go to the Fahrettin Altay (Üçkuyular) transfer center in Üçkuyular by taking the metro and take the municipal bus number 725 to Urla. From here, you can take the 760 Çeşme – Urla bus and get off at the Uzunkuyu stop.
The second alternative is to take the Çeşme bus from the bus terminal next to the Fahrettin Altay transfer center. Get off the bus at the Uzunkuyu stop after having passed the Zeytinler exit. From here on you can get to the beginning point with specific means.
Structure of the course: The course, beginning with the asphalt village road beginning at Zeytineli village center and separating from the road on an ascending pathway, continues on terrain roads, forest roads, wide pathways and fire lanes; finishing at Birgi through an asphalt village road after having passed the stabilized road.
Details of the course: The route begins in the Urla direction, to the north, on the asphalt village road in Zeytineli village. About 1300 m further to the right, towards east, the tractor road begins. The tractor road forks in about 150 m and going left, towards east, a distinct pathway can be reached in about a 50 m walk. The pathway ascends through the shrubs to an open, more or less smooth, plain. This is most likely an ancient residential area.
There are rocks carved into pot shapes around the small pond on your left, to the northeast of the plain. The route, heading south from the pond, reaches a second plain continuing east from the north foot of the opposite hill. Continuing east on the path through the plain with old olive trees, the stabilized road is reached. Following the road leading to the forest northeast of the forking point of the stabilized road, you arrive to the third plain; Dağovacık. The route, separating from the stabilized road before the end of the plain, continues southeast through the forest, leading into the valley amongst shrubs in the northeast direction when a lumber area is reached.
The path, ending the valley and leaving Ulaştıran Tepe to the left, ascends to the peak point of the route (496 m). It descends, from here, in the opposite direction, along the distinct pathway amongst sandalwood trees and the tractor road. When the course reaches a flat area, it connects to the stabilized road through which the Gökliman – Zeytinler route also runs. The route, continuing to the north, leads to Zeytinler village center by passing underneath the İzmir – Çeşme highway and the Zeytinler exit. You can have a tea break at the village center. From here, you follow the road to the north, passing the İzmir – Çeşme main road. Walking through the gardens for about 1 km, the road connects to the Birgi village road. When Birgi village center is reached by walking 350 m on the asphalt road, the course is finished.
Alternative routes connected to the course:
  1. Zeytineli – Gökliman (Kokar)
  2. Demircili (Airai) – Eski Söğüt – Zeytinler
  3. Gökliman – Zeytinler
  4. Germiyan – Nohutalan – Birgi – Barbaros
Water resources: There are no water resources along the course.
Camping sites: There are no available sites along the course.
Shopping and accommodation: The only residential area in the region is Zeytineli village; however, it might not be sufficient enough to meet all necessities. Therefore, it will be favorable to acquire necessities from Urla center and to use the possibilities in Urla for accommodation. Also, the bungalows of Emek Culture and Art House in Barbaros village, 3 km from Birgi, are also an option.

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