Distance: 54.5 km

Lowest point: 120 m

Highest point: 823 m

Difficulty level: 3


Transportation to the beginning of the course: For public transportation, first go to the Fahrettin Altay transfer center in Üçkuyular, either with the municipal bus, metro or ferry. You can reach theSeferihisar town center by the municipal bus numbered 730 from the bus terminal in Üçkuyular and to the Beyler village by the municipal bus numbered 739 from the Seferihisar town center. If you want to start the course from the east, you just have to go to the İZBAN Cumaovası transfer station. Moreover, you can go to the region by taking the Menderes minibuses that depart from the Gaziemir bus terminal.
Details of the course: The course starts from the right coast of Beyler Dam Lake in Seferihisar and Menderes and passes the Beyler, Kavakdere, Eski Orhanlı, Yeni Orhanlı, Yeniköy and Çatalca villages. There are separate vineyards of the localsas well as the İsabey Vineyard House and the Cankara Viticulture facilities on the course that reaches Menderes town center. Some table grapes such as Sultaniye, Osmanca, Alphonse Lavallee and Razaki are produced in the region and some wine grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bornova Misketi and Chardonnay are grown. Transportation within the course can be carried out by walking, biking or driving a vehicle.
Shopping and accommodation: There is a shopping opportunity in Menderes town center. You can benefit from the hotels and guesthouses in Gaziemir and Menderes town centers. 

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