Ephesus – Mimas Road is the common name of routes tracking footsteps of history on Izmir peninsula where settlement dates back eight thousand years. In addition to the tracks suitable for walking and bicycle roads, it offers olive and vineyard themed routes to the enthusiasts. The blue route is the door opening beyond the borders of a geography identified with the sea. 

Ephesus (Selçuk) – Mimas (Karaburun) Road passing through Selçuk, Menderes, Seferihisar, Güzelbahçe, Urla, Çeşme and Karaburun Towns encompasses all natural, historical and cultural assets on this course. Information such as transportation facilities, geographical data, accommodation locations, rest and camping areas, healthcare facilities, historical and natural assets and direction points are marked on the maps of these routes created thanks to voluntary work of professional mountaineers and hikers, cyclers, olive cultivators and vineyard owners coordinated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Road signs are placed on the routes marked according to the international standards.

All historical background that can be traced back thousands of years on the peninsula from the ancient Ionia civilization to the Ottoman artifacts are transformed to walking tracks and cycling routes for the first time in Izmir. 6 cities of the backbone of these routes, namely the Ionia civilization, are located on the Ephesus – Mimas Road; these are Ephesus (Efes-Selçuk), Kolophon (Değirmendere-Menderes), Lebedos (Ürkmez-Seferihisar), Teos (Sığacık-Seferihisar), Klazomenai (İskele-Urla) and Erythrai (Ildırı-Çeşme). Phokaia (Foça), another Ionia city, is connected from Karaburun to the Peninsula through the blue route. 

The total 709-km long hiking trail with 49 tracks starts in front of the Temple of Artemis located in the ancient Ephesus city and ends in Karaburun that is known as Mimas on mythology.

190-kilometer section of the total 773-kilometer long bicycle road between Çeşme Port and the Temple of Artemis complies with EuroVelo (European Bicycle Network) standards. The olive road goes through Güzelbahçe, Çeşme,  Seferihisar, Menderes and Selçuk towns. Total 151-kilometer long vineyard road encompasses vineyards in Selçuk, Seferihisar, Menderes, Urla, Karaburun and Çeşme.  
The Ephesus – Mimas Road, as the backbone of Peninsula Travel Routes, allows the visitors to discover the region by personally experiencing it. The routes cross path with perfect beaches, forest camps, day-trip tourism regions, archaeological sites and ruins, museums, olive groves and workshops, vineyards, village guesthouses, venues enriched with local dishes, marketplaces and festivals.