Distance: 29 km

Lowest point: 8 m

Highest point: 111 m

Difficulty level: 1


Transportation to the beginning of the course: You can arrive to Güzelbahçe by taking the municipal bus numbered 8 from thr Fahrettin Altay (Üçkuyular) transfer center. You can also take the bus numbered 780 from the Üçkuyular bus terminal and arrive to the Seferihisar center by passing through settlements located on your route. Moreover, there are regular minibus trips from thr Fahrettin Altay bus terminal. Another alternative is to use the highway or the coastal road by a private vehicle. If you are considering using the highway, take thr Seferihisar exit and you will arrive in Güzelbahçe center.
Details of the course: There are two olive oil ateliers in Güzelbahçe center. There is an olive stone press in the garden of the Güzelbahçe Wedding Saloon.  At the same time, three stones of the four stone mill system, together with the major component, are used as decorative objects. In Güzelbahçe, there are several olive trees that are older than 1000 and 1500 years.
There are two olive oil ateliers in Yelki. The Önder Olive Oil Factory works with a stone pressing method, with two stones. The atelier, which was founded in 1938, has been working for three generations. The other one is the Coşkun Olive Oil Factory. Also, there are olive trees aged between 1700 to 1800 years and 1500 to 1600 years.
You will see a mortarium in the Çamlı Village center, where you can reach by following the signs. There is also a flour and olive grinding stone in Çamlı. The mill, which worked between the years 1927 - 1977, has a four stone system.
In Bademler Village which can visit after Çamlı, there is an olive oil atelier belonging to the Bademler Agricultural Development Cooperative. In the atelier that is established in 1962, olive is extracted by water press, stone pressing processes. Organic certified production has just recently begun. The cooperative has 5 hectares of organic certified olive groves.
Bademler Village is located in the center of the strait between Güzelbahçe and Seferihisar, on the west of İzmir. It is possible to find all kinds of handmade and natural products as well as local dishes at the bazaar set up at the village center every Sunday. Azmak Beach, located 10 km southwest of the village, is famous for its clear water and camping site, and is suitable for camping during the summer.
There are three olive oil ateliers in Ulamış village. At the first one, the Sözer Olive Oil Factory, stone pressing process with two stones was used until 2003. The second atelier, which belongs to the Ulamış Agricultural Development Cooperative, started extracting with a super press system with two stones in 1972. You can buy artichoke, canned tomato and olive oil from this Cooperative seasonally. You can also trace the remains of another atelier which used to operate with electricity and to extract in sacs.
You can pass to the Urla center route over Ovacık Village on this route. On the way, there are several groceries and markets.

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